Oct 3, 2016

Strathmore University Sports Day 2016 - SHSS Student Perspective

Students with lecturer Dr. Javier Aranguren take a selfie during the event.

The month of August has been marked on our calendars. As first years, we expected a thrilling experience throughout the day. Usually, every faculty receives printed t-shirts with their initials on it to outline the many schools that Strathmore University has. Ours came in on the D-day of the Strathmore University Annual Sports day event, with the unique color, turquoise; and the initials SHSS (School of Humanities and Social Sciences). Our mantra: Be ignited, Be transformed.


Together with my classmates, we showed up in large numbers to witness, support and participate in the events that were to take place. You see, we are the pioneers of the Bachelor programs of SHSS, and that in itself pushed us to do our best in whatever activity we partook. The school administrators and some lecturers were there to show their support as well, and this was very encouraging.


The first event that took place was the men’s marathon in which Ken Biwott emerged winner. It was a hallmark and a motivator for us. We showered him with lots of applause, but that was not it! Ken went on to also win silver and bronze in the men’s 800m semifinal and the finals respectively. The cherry on top, though, was  when Ken won our hearts with his words; “I had a great day today because I put into practice my talents and received gold, silver and bronze in the events that I took part in. I couldn’t have done it without the support of my classmates and all the loud cheering they gave me. I am humbled, thank you guys.”


The SHSS team set out to show their expertise in basketball and football by constituting teams that competed in the two. The basketball team consisted of Catherine Mumo, Rachael Otieno, Gladys, Martha Kimani, and Joy Wahome. The football team, under the wings of Simon Tukhahirwa, also stole the show. Even though the teams didn’t lift the cup, the fun and joy that each person experienced was one to write home about. The Sports Day experience was to them like that of a socializing event; they got to talk to their classmates and know them in a different light – the one other than in the classroom.


William Muchiri, Diana Kyalo, Sarah Situma and Faith Kwinga participated in swimming where they each won awards.


Catherine Mumo, alongside Faith Chemutai and Joan Ahatara took part in the relay. Their participation showed more of the school’s team work. They did take the third position in the relay, which led us to celebrate them. The events were hilarious. SHSS took part in the tug-of-war competition for both men and women. This event gave the less athletic students a chance to do something for the class. Raudhatt Sadam, Joan Ahatara, Janet Jero, Diana Kyalo, Vivian Kang’ara, Cecilia Njeri, Diana Adhiambo, Faith Chemutai, Angela Otuka and Marlene took part in the women’s tug-of-war while; Arnold Areri, Sean Armstrong, Meshach Otemo, Laurence Njoroge, Ken Biwott, and Dominic represented the men.


Some of the other members of the team like Amy Lone, Rachael Otieno, Angela Otuka and Diana Adhiambo were seen hula hooping around the field.


While not everyone actively participated in the sporting events, credit is duly given to groups for planning and organizing the activities.


The take home from the whole experience was that team work is amazing and can help achieve more than just medals; friendships can also be born.


Our appreciation goes out to our very own Dean Prof. Christine Gichure, our manager Mrs. Caroline Wakori, Dr. Javier Aranguren, and Brian Njeru, whose presence greatly motivated us.


Article by Rachel Otieno

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