1. Who may visit the Writing Centre?
    The Writing Centre is open to all students (undergraduate and graduate), staff and non-university persons who may be interested in sharpening their communication skills
  2. Are the services at the Writing Centre charged?
    At the moment, undergraduate students are not charged for any service; graduate students, staff and other individuals or groups will be charged depending on the nature and extent of their work.
  3. When can I visit the Centre?
    The Writing Centre is open Monday-Friday from 8:30am to 5:30pm. You however need to make an appointment first before you are attended to at the Centre
  4. Where are you located?
    The Writing Centre is located on the 2nd floor of the Student Centre.
  5. How can I book an appointment at the Centre?
    Appointments can be made through walk-ins; by calling our office line-extension 2119; or e-mail
  6. How many sessions do I need if I would like to improve a particular skill?
    The number of sessions one will take will depend on the nature of the problem. While one person may take one session (of at least an hour); another may need several sessions to adequately deal with the matter at hand.
  7. Can I discuss my academic assignment with the facilitators at the Centre?
    The Writing Centre helps students respond to their assignments in an academic manner; but not to specifically answer the assignment questions.
  8. Can I refer students or anyone with communications skill need to the Writing Centre?
    Certainly. Whether you are a lecturer or student, you may advise someone who has a communications skills’ need to visit our office for further assistance.
  9. Is the Writing Centre for those struggling with language issues?
    Not at all. Even the best of communication experts would benefit from the Centre. A discussion on your intended topic of research, for example, helps shed light on fuzzy areas that the researcher may not be aware of. Everyone certainly needs the Writing Centre.
  10. Do you have special workshops and sessions on various communication skills?
    From time to time, the Writing Centre organizes trainings and sessions on topics such as ‘Academic Writing’, ‘Public Speaking’ among others. These sessions normally have specified audience. We post notices on these sessions on university notice our website and university notice boards.

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