Areas of Expertise
Japanese language and culture, educational technology, information systems
Ian Wairua
Ian Wairua is a master’s holder in Information Systems, and a Bachelors owner of Education in science. He is the Current Vice- Chairman and Founding Secretary-General of the Association of Japanese Language Teachers in Kenya (JALTAK) and a member of the Administration Committee for the JLPT Examination in Kenya. He is an Associate Member of the eLearning Guild, and also the Current Head of Oriental-languages sub-department of School of Humanities and Social Sciences. He is also the Faculty Representative of the Learning and Teaching Services- Strathmore University, and a board member of Synonyms- and organization of language experts. He also belongs to the Japan Foundation-trained Japanese language educator and the former education and information officer, Embassy of Japan in Kenya.
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Kago, H., Hashimoto, M., Wairua, I. & Hinga, A. (2009). Foreign Language Use and Awareness in the Kenyan Employment Sector. Language Dept., IHEDS, Strathmore University, August 2009.

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