What To Do With Momentary Muscle Crumps in School

Most students in active sports at Strathmore and other universities are accustomed to muscle crumps from either standing too long, stretches, sleeping in a bad position, etc. Muscle cramps are sudden, painful spasms occurring in the calf muscles, but can possibly be in the thigh or even the foot. Occurring primarily at night in most people, leg cramps can affect one’s ability to sleep properly or even walk depending on the occasions they arise- think queues at the dining hall, etc.

These cramps can possibly last from seconds to several minutes before subsiding. Almost everybody has experienced cramps at one point of the other in their life.

Crumps result when common muscles contract around crossing joints which include the quadriceps, the calves and also the hamstrings.

Types of muscle cramps:-

By categorizing Skeletal muscle cramps; we include True cramps, Tetany, Contractures and Dystonic cramps. True cramps can happen following an injury, like a bone fracture whereby it causes the muscles to spasm. Vigorous activity as in sports, resulting in muscle fatigue can cause true cramps.

Tetany causes spasms throughout the entire body, due to low calcium and magnesium. Contractures signify that the muscles are unable to relax for an extended duration, resulting in constant spasms. Dystonic cramps occur when the muscles that are not required for movement intended, contract due to stimulation.

What are the Causes:-

Poor blood circulation to the legs, resulting in insufficient oxygen to the muscles causing severe pain. Medication like Diuretics, Statins and contraceptives contribute to cramps.

A deficiency in calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium plus other minerals in the blood can also cause crumps. Dehydration, over exercising the muscles and standing for a long time or even sitting for long periods can cause it as well

Some of the Treatments

  • Stretching your muscles by standing up and walking around.
  • Gentle massage on the affected muscle, will help it to relax.
  • A hot shower or warm bath assists in stimulating blood circulation.
  • Replacement of electrolytes like calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium is essential, if the cause is due to deficiency of these minerals.

There are also a number of home remedies that can help you deal with tetany. Overall, crumps can be quite challenging to you. While in still studying, always ensure that you have properly exercised and if the symptoms it may be time to visit the sick bay.



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