Areas of Expertise
Sara Mehrgut
Doctoral Fellow

Sara Mehrgut teaches Spanish and Introduction to Philosophy at Strathmore University.


She has two passions: art and university which led her to study Fine Arts at Kuntsthochschule and a Masters in Philosophy at Universidad de Navarra, Pamplona.


Her Master’s thesis focused on the Bildwissenschaft, a nineteenth-century German movement which sought to better understand the history of culture expressed in visual images. She has been trained in Spanish teaching by the International House (Madrid) and received a certification from the IL3 Universitat of Barcelona.


Since her teens Sara Mehrgut has been part of the generation of writers of the Excelencia Literaria directed by Miguel Aranguren, which formed according to criteria of freedom, responsibility and professionalism.  They are intended to be able to defend his work through the human dignity.


Her website link is as follows:


Her art exhibitions:


Parcours, Galerie oqbo, Berlin, Germany.

Rundgang, Galerie Block, Kassel, Germany.

España. Auepark, Kassel, Germany.

V Encuentros Urex, Universidad de Jaén, Jaén, Spain.

V Encuentros Urex, Sala Gaspar Becerra de Baeza, Baeza, Spain.

Saber ver, Room 96, Sevilla, Spain.

De lo de dentro y lo de fuera, Museo de Huelva, Huelva, Spain.

Espacios pintados al oído, Real Fábrica de la Granja, Segovia, Spain.

IV Encuentros Urex, Medinaceli, Soria, Spain.

  •  “Sueños de Pasquale” #01 magazine; Co-author of the book of illustrated stories “TR3S”,
  • Ediciones Temprano, Valladolid, 312 pp; Co-author of Blog,
  • Reviews of literary classics; "El ático helado"; “Aún el cielo es azul"; “La taberna” Radio Universidad de Salamanca.
  • "Voces"; "El diecisiete"; "La playa de San Juan"; "Valladolid”; "Me gustan los hombres"
  • "Las manos del aprendiz"; “La crítica” "El cisne"; "Dos hermanos”; "El Chamán" diario ALBA.
  • “El violonchelo”; “La despedida”; “Sus ojos azules”; “El tren de las nueve”
  • 1st Prize, Radio Stories Competition, Universidad de Salamanca.
  • 1st Prize, “Excelencia Literaria IV”

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