Daniel Ndiba-Strathmore Alumni (Working with Britam)

“I learned about the writing centre from Mrs Beatrice Njeru in 2012 when she informed me about the purpose for which it was being set up and the objectives it sought to achieve.


At the Writing Centre I sought for help in modifying my relevant work documents which is Curriculum Vitae and cover-letter. I also went there to seek training on the interview process as I had little experience with the interviewing environment.


It was a really good experience to work with all the trainers at the Writing Centre. They were all very cooperative and managed to find time to fit us into their busy schedules. I was able to interact with them on a personal level. They were free and allowed us to be open with them and express ourselves so that we could get the most from the training and guidance they would be giving us.


I was also able to experience the feel of an interview session from the mock interviews they took us through, it was quite a frightening experience at first, but with time we adjusted and came to be conversant with the interview scenario.


From the training they gave me I was able to significantly grow my interview skills. I was able to build on my strengths, acquire new skills that give you an edge in the interview scenario, improve on my weak-points and build the confidence to be able to face interviewers.I also corrected and updated my documents to meet the guidelines they gave me.


From the help I received at the Writing Centre,I was able to be invited for a number of interviews in different companies and finally secured a job at Britam  Insurance (K) LTD.


I would advise the Strathmore students to maximize the services offered to them and make the best of it, for it will give them a very significant advantage as they go into the job market and seek to further themselves in their careers.It is a great opportunity to learn and they should realize that in the outside world,such services are usually offered at an expensive rate. They should therefore take advantage and use the Writing Centre to better themselves.”


Jacinta Matata-Alumni

“I learnt about the Writing Centre from a friend and from an advertisement in the school's notice board. I needed to go through a mock interview sessions so as to improve on interview skills.


At first, it was challenging (I was afraid of doing the panel interview and it affected how I spoke during the session and my ability to respond well to questions). However, with time I was able to master courage and confidence and believe in myself and the answers I gave during the interview. Apart from that, the session helped me learn the importance of being knowledgeable in my field of study and also in areas that don't involve my studies for example international and national occurrences, opinions in life matters and defending one's stand.


The mock interview sessions helped me master courage and confidence during an interview. They helped me be more aware of my environment in terms of doing a thorough research about the company and job before attending the interview, dress code, body language, how I express myself in an interview so that am clear and am able to communicate well while remaining courteous, human and at the same time bringing out my expertise. The session helped me acquire the habit of reading wide (what is happening in the world, country and other fields).


I would advise both current and former students to make use of the centre because of the value one gets out of it; in terms of learning how to communicate both verbally and in written form, learning how to present oneself amongst many other benefits. They shouldn't be afraid to seek for help because as much as at first your weaknesses are exposed, it is not such a bad thing. With the right attitude and the guidance of the friendly Writing Centre team members, one comes out as a better person.”


Linda Wainaina-Alumni

“I first learnt about the writing centre via class representative in fourth year. This was during the initial stages about ideas of the type of services we would like the Centre to offer. After I completed my degree studies, I learnt about the Centre from my former colleague, Daniel Ndiba.


The services I sought include job presentation skills such as how to dress for an interview, how to present yourself, some of the questions one would expect during the interview, how to be more confident, how to answer questions respectfully, type of questions to ask during an interview, among others. The experience was thorough. I learnt a lot, plus I was corrected for my mistakes and given practical demonstrations about non-verbal communication, like what one's posture portrays to a panel.


The services have helped me be more confident. I have learnt how to answer questions well and the type of research needed before attending an interview.


I would advise other students to use the writing centre to learn practical skills like presentation and public speaking skills as well as Interview skills. The Writing Centre is a good place to learn how to develop yourself as an individual because you are treated on a one-on-one basis.”


Dominic Lusweti-(BCOM student, 2nd year)

“I got to learn of the Writing Centre through posters hung on notice boards and decided to enrol for the public speaking sessions. I had a quite a great time sharing my experiences on the stage with my classmates as i also heard from them of their experiences. I also liked the way we interacted with our lecturers; it helped me gain a lot. I have been able to gain confidence and improve my public speaking skills with time. I do advise my fellow students to give it a try, especially those willing to improve on their communication skills, they won't regret it.”


Stephen Musila (CPA student)

“I learnt of the Writing Centre through several notices which were put all over in the university in the notice boards. From the sessions at the Writing Centre, I gained immensely from reading and expressing your opinions about what you have understood on certain story, or poem; writing essays; speaking in public and writing of CVs and letters. Generally the experience was good, and we will appreciate more help from the Centre. As a result of the sessions at the Writing Centre, I am now very much interested in reading books than I was before. I have also gained more skills in speaking, though more practice is still needed in the writing centre. I would advise my fellow students to visit the Writing Centre so as to improve their writing and speaking since the two are very important in our lives-professionally and academically as well as in our social lives.”


Willis Mwenda (Chairperson Debating Club)

“As a club we engage in public speaking and debate sessions which require a mastery of interpersonal and public speaking skills. For this reason, we chose to engage the Writing Centre which has personnel with the necessary knowledge in this area.

The training focussed on the introductory stages of public speaking. It provided a lot of insight into the different issues that a speaker should consider before making a speech. The manner in which the session was conducted led us to the realization that public speaking is a continuous journey. For this reason, Debate Club members expressed their interest to attend subsequent trainings.

Given that communication is an everyday activity, other clubs are encouraged to engage in the sessions. This will improve the manner in which they reach interested members and enable them carry out their activities in a cohesive manner.”


Mary MoraaAming’a (Graduate Assistant -School of Management and Commerce -SMC)

“The writing Centre has helped me to realize that what is most important about public speaking is not the training required but the attitude change towards it. I approached the Writing Centre after viewing posters on the university notice boards as I wanted to improve my public speaking skills. Beatrice Njeru,one of the facilitators sat with me through a number of sessions and helped me establish the root of my problem with public speaking. She then helped me to see that the most important skill I could acquire is attitude change towards speaking before people. I can state that my class presentations have improved greatly-thanks to the very well trained and competent staff at the writing Centre.”

Mercy Atieno (Administrator -School of Humanities and Social Sciences)

“I was in need of some help in preparing for a job interview. Approaching the writing Centre was easy for me as I have interacted with most of the staff on different occasions. The sessions they took me through were so helpful and relevant.  They reviewed my CV and even organized for a mock interview for me. So relevant was the mock interview that I was shocked when I was asked the same questions in the real job interview! I would encourage everyone who desires to improve their communications skills to visit the Writing Centre for help.”

Dr. Virginia Gichuru  - Dean of Research

“I approached the Writing Centre because I wanted to know how to use Turn-it-in at an advanced level.  I found the staff competent and very willing to train.  The information on turn-it-in was useful as I was also able to receive the practical training in using the turn-it-in website.  Some of the skills I learnt were on how to set up assignments and place a rubric in the system in such a way that student can mark for each other.  This enables one to gauge the level of learning going on in the class.”

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